The Buffalo Bills traveled overseas to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London this past weekend, and naturally, thousands of Bills' fans boarded planes and traveled along with them.

The Bills-Jaguars' game was part of the NFL International Series, a string of games that this season, features five NFL games "across the pond" in two different countries. Three games were scheduled to be played in London, with the third and final game happening this upcoming weekend. Two other games, meanwhile, are on the schedule in November, and will be played in Germany.

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As NFL SVP of Football Operations Dave Gardi told us on The Drive with Charlie and Dan last week, the NFL International Series is a great way for the league to market its game to different groups of sports fans across the world.

To their credit, international football fans showed up in droves to watch this game, but ultimately, it was Bills Mafia that ended up stealing the show. Check out this video of the Bills' fan section as the team took the field on Sunday:

International fans may not have known this going into the game, but they sure know it now: Bills Mafia is the real deal. So, we dug into the Getty Images archives from this past weekend, and found a few of our favorite shots of fans who attended the game in London.

Granted, there were a few Jaguars' fans who were captured by Getty photographers, as well as one stray Packers' fan, who may have boarded an eastern flight by accident, instead of a western flight to Las Vegas.

For the most part, however, Buffalo Bills' fans dominated the day, and these were a few of our favorite shows of the crowd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

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