Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was granted his right to be picked up in the NFL Supplemental Draft, but there is a catch.

Roger “Make up the rules as I go “Goodell has decided that Terrelle Pryor's suspension from Ohio State will carry over into the NFL for some reason. His suspension at Ohio State stems from the memorabilia for tattoos scandal that came to light late last season.

This is just another example of why the NFL needs guidelines for suspensions. Whether it’s the NFL personal conduct policy - which pretty much is just don’t screw us over or a hit in the game that just looked bad. Roger Goodell is the only person that makes the call on your eligibility.  The Best part is if you don’t agree with Mr. Goodell’s decision you can appeal it…… to Roger Goodell.

Terrelle Pryor is being suspended for undermining the Supplemental Draft.  So the NFL is ripping this kid apart for being smarter then the system. It’s funny how all of this comes on the heels of a Miami Scandal, Ohio State Scandal, Oregon Scandal, and USC Scandal - where people are clamoring for the player to suffer in some way.  If they wanted to punish Terrelle Pryor, they should have made him sit out the whole season.

Myself, much like most of the players in the NFL, want a set guideline for all suspendable offenses. It isn’t justifiable to suspend a player after an event whatever the hell you want - based on how much you like that guy. And it's really shady to suspend a player who did something outside of your jurisdiction.