With the impending show storm we are about to see in the Capital Region Friday, it's important to remember to be safe. Just in case you forgot what to do during a snow storm, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler has a few tips.

It was January 2016, a blizzard was bearing down on New York City. Up to thirty inches of snow was expected. The city had become almost paralyzed due to the storm. Officials were encouraging residents and tourists to stay off the roads so crews could work on keeping them clear.

CNN's Poppy Harlow was doing a live shot from the city as the rate of snow intensified. During her report from the ground, in walks Steven Tyler and his daughter Mia into the camera shot.

Steven was in New York City to promote his new country album. He had been on Stephen Colbert the night before. They had stepped outside thinking they might want to take a walk around the city, but the weather changed their mind.

I decided to go downtown, but then decided not to. The weather's terrible.

Tyler also said that because of the storm he expected to be in NYC a few more days than he had planned, which was ok with him as he got to spend time with his daughter and grandkids.

The best thing to do in a snow storm, Tyler says:

Two words: Hot Chocolate

Later on Steven posted himself free falling backwards into the snow as his grandkids can be heard in the background cheering him on.

See his entire CNN blizzard segment here

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