I have written about the media a few times. Usually in a negative light. Deservedly so. Today the American media went to a new level of horrible but give it a little time and they will get even worse.

Today led by the trash that CNN delivers the American public, may have very well helped the Boston bomber escape or at best learn information that will help them elude the FBI and other law enforcement for who knows how much longer. Possibly long enough for the bomber to strike again.

CNN went on air and declared the bomber or a person suspected of being the bomber was apprehended. John King led the way with his usual shoddy reporting. Soon CNN's "scoop" was picked up by many main stream media outlets declaring the same. The headlines blared " SUSPECT ARRESTED IN BOSTON BOMBING." Except as happens many times over, the "scoop" was wrong!

Yes John King thinking he had some " Inside information" was crowing how " CNN has learned" except they had no scoop. No arrest was made. I have little doubt as the news spread the murderer picked up information that may help him or her elude authorities, possibly escape, perhaps have time to commit the same atrocity and kill more.

But as usual with the American media that doesn't matter. What matters is they were 1st!!! Right/wrong who cares right CNN? You were 1st with the story so pat yourselves on the back. Maybe you can win some awards when the media gathers for their yearly celebration to pat themselves on the back. You had the scoop before anyone else. Congrats. Oh you were wrong? Well no matter their will be another story tomorrow or the next day or the next, or 2 tomorrow, or 5, that you can report 1st regardless of facts and truth.

Now you might say " Bruce mistakes happen" and that is true. Amazing how many mistakes the 4th rail makes. People get destroyed. But who cares. Their is another  "scoop" to be had regardless of truth and fact.

The line is endless when it comes to victims of the lies and deceit, yes downright deceit of this 4th rail as it is known. From Richard Jewell to Bernie Fine and frankly hundreds if not thousands of victims of their " scoops", lies, deceit, and frankly garbage work and work ethic.

1st is all that matters to most of these folks!!!

If you want to learn exactly what the media is all about go listen to Don Henley's " Dirty Laundry". It's a great rock song with truth to words and describes in my opinion the overwhelming majority of the American media.

Tomorrow you could be the next victim of the American media's lies and ineptitude but have no fear as long as they get it 1st, get  nominated for useless plaques and awards, so they can stuff their ego's and pockets, you won't matter. It is time to move onto the next story and get it "1st".....

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