In honoring the victims of the Boston Bombing the New York Yankees proved that at certain moments we can and do come together.

The bitter rivals, who keep no secret of their distaste for each other, just ask the fans, put aside their decades old hatred and played the ultimate  Boston sports song, Sweet Caroline, after the 4th inning of the Yanks home game Tuesday night after the 3rd inning of their game against the Diamondbacks, Sweet Caroline is a song Yankee fans loathe as Boston hates Sinatra's New York, New York.

The Yanks paid tribute to the 3 killed and right now estimated 170 injured when 2 bombs went off towards the tail end of the Boston marathon Monday afternoon. The 2nd murdered victim was announced on Tuesday, 29 year old Krystal Campbell of Medford, Mass. The 1st known victim murdered was just an 8 year old boy, Martin Richard. Late word is that the 3rd murdered victim has been identified but her name has not been released as of yet. She is said to be a Chinese National who was a Boston University Grad student.

Television and radio coverage did not go to break as they normally would after the inning. The Yankees asked for, and easily received permission for their TV and radio partners to stay with the Neil Diamond classic. Diamond in fact tweeted out this after the song played " Thank you NY Yankees for playing " Sweet Caroline" for the people of Boston. You scored a Home Run in my heart."

The Yankees also put up a logo outside the stadium on the video board a sign that had that Yankee logo and the Sox logo with the words " United We Stand."

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