The morning commute in the Capital Region is a very tenuous thing.

If someone happens to get into an accident, it can throw everyone's commute into complete chaos. With the Northway leading into the Thruway, leading into Route 787, onto Route 7 and beyond, there are a lot of moving parts involved in travelling from Point A to Point B in the Albany metropolitan area.

The morning of Tuesday, September 13th was extra chaotic around the reason, and as the metaphorical dust begins to settle, we now know why.

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Multiple Accidents Lead to Commute Headaches in the Capital Region

According to a report from ABC News 10 in Albany, and countless complaints from drivers around the Capital Region, multiple accidents around the Exit 24 Interchange between I-90 and I-87 led to significant traffic issues in the region this morning.

Here's what we know: the first crash on the Thruway happened at roughly 6:10AM, according to New York State Police. A second crash happened roughly half an hour later, leading to lane closures that backed up traffic even further.

Though the lane was re-opened soon after, it took until at least 9:30AM before the congestion was relieved in the very well-traveled area of the highway.

The area near the I-90 / I-787 Interchange where the second accident occurred / Google Maps
The area near the I-90 / I-787 Interchange where the second accident occurred / Google Maps

What makes it worse, is that wasn't even the only crash in the near vicinity. Another report from ABC News 10 claimed that traffic was backed up on the I-90 eastbound ramp to I-787 (seen above) due to another crash; this one happened at roughly 7AM this morning.

The roads were also largely cleared by 9:30AM for the second crash, according to reports.

Think about it though: that may crashes in the Albany area within the same hour? One accident is already liable to slow traffic down on a given morning, but if you add in a second crash in the area, and another one not too far away, it can lead to chaos.

Once you put everything together, it makes a lot more sense why Capital Region commuters were stuck in the slow lane for large portions of the morning commute on Tuesday.

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