This Lenox, Massachusetts estate is unique in many ways.

The great thing about living in the Capital Region is you never know what significant piece of American history you will stumble upon and learn about. So many critical moments in our nation's history have a connection to the area.

The Lenox, MA Home Where The End Of WWI Began

This Berkshires Estate is not only special for being the largest American Shingle Style Home in the United States according to Zillow, but it is also where the formative talks to World War I took place. The 20,821 square foot estate featuring 33 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, countless fireplaces, and some very important moments in American and world history is currently listed for $12.5 Million on the real estate site.

The Elm Court Estate

Known as the Elm Court Estate, this home hosted the Elm Court Talks in 1919 which led to the creation of the Versailles Treaty which led to peace between Allied Forces and Germany, and held Germany responsible for the war while imposing harsh penalties according to The history is impressive - check it out below!

$12.5 Million Berkshires Estate In Nearby Lenox, MA Is Birthplace of Versailles Treaty

33 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, numerous fireplaces and priceless American history are all featured in this 20,821 square foot estate right across the border in Lenox, Mssachsetts.

Inside Liam Neeson's 34,000 sq. ft., 200-Year-Old Sprawling Upstate Mansion

Most Expensive Home In the Capital Region Is a $15 Million Rustic Beauty In Chatham

From the farmhouse to the poolhouse to the rustic barns repurposed to living spaces, ya gotta see to believe this breathtaking estate sitting on 160 bucolic acres in beautiful Chatham, New York.

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