The Game this weekend is the rubber match form the season and the end result is ready to tilt the balance of power in the AFC East.


The Jets are geared up this week for the Patriots, the trash talk has been flying on both sides and the doomsday clock is ticking down. The Nation is geared up for the biggest rivalry in the AFC and no bad blood will be spared.

The Patriots are going to try to shut down the Jets run game, and force a young Mark Sanchez to make the plays that a playoff winning quarterback needs to make. The win last week over the Colts has fired up this Jets team that is even or better at every position except Quarterback with the Patriots.

What the jets need to do is keep the ball moving. With an absolute perfect mix of run and pass the Jets can respond to the unrelenting offence of the Patriots. They also have to have a big showing from Wayne Stark who is filling in for Woody was placed on the IR. Stark is more then capable to have a strong game at left tackle. He has been in the league as a back up for 7 years, but a guy doesn’t stay in this league with out talent.

All and all the Jets need to step up on the O-line and the running game will be over barring. The young Patriots Defense can be over come by the running game, look at the Green Bay Game.  The rushing attack will open up the passing game for the deep ball that Mark Sanchez can toss.

I more excited for this game then I was when I heard that Family Guy was doing Star Wars parodies.  I’m gonna have the guys over a few pizzas, and if you call the cell I wont pick up, the season comes down to this

PS. I will be at the pearl Street Pub Saturday Night at 9pm, door open at 8, doing Stand up comedy. Come on and enjoy