Perhaps in response to what the Brooklyn Nets have been able to get done in the last 48 hours the NY Knicks are hard after 2 time MVP Steve Nash.

The Knicks are trying to work a sogn and trade deal with Nash's club, the Phoenix Suns with NY offering up Iman Shumpert, Toney Douglas, Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan. It is Shumpert the Suns covet as they wanted him in last years draft.

Nash has put out moxed tunes over the past few days, recently saying he wants the most cash he can get. In that vain the Toronto Raptors have reportedly put out a 3 year-36 million dollar offer in hoping Nash wants to return to his native Canada. Also on the trail for the future hall of famer is the LA lakers and his old club the Dallas Mavericks, who were spurned by Daron Williams when he agreed to go back to the Nets!

The 38 year old Nash may have a 3 year-25 million dollar offer on the table from the Knicks sources claim.

Shumpert is the big piece in this. Despite a  knee injury suffered in the playoff loss to the Heat Shumpert showed himself to be a very capable player last season with NY, even making the all defensive rookie team. he led the NBA is steals per minute played.

The Knicks are also in danger of losing guard Jeremy Lin who is visiting Houston today and has drawn big interest from those same Raptors.

The 3 other players the Knicks are dangling in front of the Suns all have expiring contracts. It is believed that Shumpert will miss a few months of action this coming season while recovering from that knee injury