According to a published A.P. report the Mets  brain trust has discussed using baseball's top pitcher on 3 days rest instead of the usual four days that is the usual in the big leagues.

Manager Terry Collins and pitching coach Dan Warthen have discussed using Dickey becuase the knuckle ball he is perfecting doesn't use the same "strain" on a pitcher.

Now I find this to be somewhat premature at this point. First off, Dickey, according to Collins, finished up last season "tired". Second, the Mets, let's face it, are still just kicking the tires when it comes to being a serious playoff contender. If the season ended today they would make the final wildcard but many, myself included believe this ball club doesn't have the horses, especially in the bullpen to stay in contention till the end.

Combine that with Dickey's consistancy in going deep in ball games and the idea doesn't seem appealing to me. I would rather have Dickey for 9 innings every 5th day then using him for shorter stints every 4th day.

Dickey is also striking out a lot of batters which adds to his pitch total.. In just his last 2 starts, against Tampa then Baltimore, Dickey has 25 strikeouts combined a huge number for a knuckeballer.

Collins and Warthen have discussed possibly using this plan if the Mets make the post season. As  a met fan I find it very very premature to be even using the P word at this juncture. of course you want to plan for anything you can but the  shhh playoffs aren't for 3 more months.

Some pitchers have been used by their clubs on 3 days rest in big spots. C.C. Sabathia went every 4 days for the Brewers in his short time their down the stretch and for almost the entire month of September. He was lousy in the playoffs after the work load increase took a  toll.

If  I am runnign the mets the best thing you can do for all the pitchers is get some relief help. A veteran or 2 with a resume of accomplishment should be the Mets goal right now then maybe-maybe they can start using the "P" word and make some plans for the "P" if you know what I mean :)