I love those Dos Equis commercials that feature actor Jonathan Goldsmith as, "The Most Interesting Man in the World.  It got me thinking about sports.  Who is currently the most interesting man in the world of sports?

There are literally hundreds of interesting and exciting players in sports.  You can make a compelling argument for plenty of athletes.  I'll make my argument for Michael Vick.  Michael Vick has a unique talent to play the position of quarterback unlike anybody else in the NFL.  His blend of passing and running make him different than anybody else.  There is a reason why ESPN's Jon Gruden has nicknamed him "Starship Vick."  The guy is electric.

What also separates Vick is his unique story off of the football field.  He was sent to prison for organizing a dog fighting ring.  He also took part in torturing and killing dogs.  Many fans haven't forgotten about this chapter of Vick's life.  A lot of fans haven't forgiven Vick and believe he should have never been granted a second chance.

Vick did his time in prison and paid his debt to society.  He absolutely deserves a second chance and is making the most of it.  The blend of love and hatred by fans for Vick is also unlike anyone in sports right now, including LeBron James.

There are people who hate LeBron -- the player.  There are people who hate Vick -- the person.  The mixture of admiration and hatred by fans, coupled with Vick's unique talent make him the most interesting man in sports.  By the way, it doesn't hurt that Vick is a star quarterback in this country's most popular sport either.