You often hear the discussion about overrated players in the NFL.  But what about the league's most underrated player?

So who is it?  Which NFL player gets no love from the fans?  The answer is simple.

It's Denver quarterback Kyle Orton.

The guy is the Rodney Dangerfield of the National Football League.

Last year, he had 3,653 yards passing, 20 TD’s and 9 interceptions – in just 13 games!

He’s a QB that’s been given up on everywhere he’s been - but I don’t know why.  He’s better than Jay Cutler, better than Rex Grossman – yet he’s been traded and forgotten about in Chicago and he might even be in Denver soon!

In his 2 years with the Broncos, Orton's QB rating is over 85.  He threw for 41 touchdown passes only only 21 interceptions during that time.  Since coming to Denver from Chicago two seasons ago, Orton has started 18 games and thrown for more than 7,400 yards.  The past two years, he ranked 12th in the NFL in QB efficiency.

In a recent poll of NFL quarterbacks, Orton was ranked 21st.   That's right behind Kevin Kolb – who has started less than 10 NFL games in his career and Donovan McNabb – who’s now with his 3rd team in the last 3 years (and was kicked off his previous two teams for poor attitude and bad performance).

Let's face it - the reason the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow is because they didn't trust Kyle Orton.  That's how Tebow became a 1st Round NFL Draft pick!

But Denver Broncos fans would rather have Tim Tebow?  Really?

The fact that the Denver Broncos had a quarterback competition in camp to see who would be the #1 QB is a joke!  They couldn’t see that Orton was much better than Tim Tebow?  That’s an insult.  That’s like me having a race against Brian Cady - do we really need to get into a foot-race to prove I'm faster?

Imagine if you’re Kyle Orton – the entire city wants Tim Tebow to start. That’s not a good feeling.  Orton is a much better QB than Tim Tebow. Anyone with any sense can see that.  Tim Tebow is a sideshow that sells tickets and jerseys.

Does the name Kyle Orton scream Top 15 NFL QB?  But he is!

Orton was 9th in the NFL in passing yards last year – in only 13 games!  He also finished 15th in passer rating (87.5) – higher than Eli Manning’s 85.  He was 4th in the NFL averaging 280 yards passing a game!

He was a footnote in a trade rumor.  Yeah, the Broncos will just trade Kyle Orton to Miami and let Tim Tebow take over as the starter! That's a silly thought but one that was true.

And yet another reason why Kyle Orton is the NFL's most underrated player.