Well the day of reckoning has come. Monday morning-9am to be exact when the President of the NCAA Mark Emmert makes the announcement from Indianapolis. Emmert will no doubt fumfer on about student athlete and that sort of stuff then lay the boom down. You have to wonder how new head coach Bill O'Brien will feel about the job after Mondays  announcement.

ESPN College Football guru Joe Schad is saying the penalties could the most most severe in NCAA history. Schad is also speculating that the death penalty will probably be off the table. That has to make you wonder if you are a player about your status. If the death penalty were applied the players could ask for immediate transfers without having to sit out a year. Penn State by all accounts has had a solid recruiting season.

If Emmert is going to be serious we could be looking at inneligability for post season up to 5 years. No freshman or sophmores will be able to play in a bowl game. PSU can also be removed from any TV games so if you are a 1st or 2nd or even 3rd year Lion would you want to stay?

Also Baylor university after the investigation of Dave Bliss for covering up the murder of 1 of his former players was not allowed to play in any league games.

On Sunday morning the statue of disgraced coach Joe Paterno was removed from outside the stadium. It was relocated inside the stadium. There had been some speculation that Penn State could be kicked out of the Big 10.

Seems Emmert has much latitude to be harsh with his sanctions. Not many are going to defend Penn State, even myself a PSU fan but not an alum. How can you in any way defend what the top administrators did for years in covering up the Rapes of former Asst. Coach Jerry Sandusky.

I expect the pressure to really slam Penn State will win out the day over "unintended  consequences" that will fall on all the innocent athletes at PSU. It will be very interesting, given NCAA rules if any player wants to bail if they can without facing having to sit for a year.

If I am Emmert after I lay down the hammer I  do allow players to leave and face no penalty. This will cripple the program especially this year with no time to recruit.

As an off shoot and really meaningless in the big picture it will be very inteesting to see how Vegas odds makers treat Penn State.

My prediction-a bowl ban of at least 5 years. Recruiting cutbacks the likes we haven't seen in NCAA sports ever. Not sure how Emmert will handle the finanacial aspects if at all. Such as fines, donations of any or all Football revenue and media contracts that PSU recieves.

Monday will be anything but happy in Happy Valley in what is thought to be the worst scandal in NCAA history!