PGA Tour golfer John Rahm led this weekend’s Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio by 6 strokes, when he finished his round on Saturday. However, just as Rahm’s golf ball rolled into the cup of his 54th hole, the officials informed him that he must quarantine immediately and that he would not be eligible to participate in Sunday’s round. Rahm had no choice but to withdraw.

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Think about how shocking must this have been to Rahm coming off of a terrific round, thinking he is on top of the leaderboard sailing into Sunday. Then, the sky falls. Basically, “John you're up by 6 strokes. You tested positive for COVID-19 and your weekend is over.” Oh yeah, “by the way John, had you been fully vaccinated, you probably would have taken home $1.67 million and a cool crystal trophy to go with the one you won last year. Thanks for playing!”

Rob Oller from the Columbus Dispatch, who was on The Drive with Charlie and Dan last week, quoted Jack Nickalaus as saying, “(Getting vaccinated) is a business decision in many ways...There’s no hassle to it after you get it.”

This is not about whether or not you should or shouldn’t get vaccinated. This is about a professional golfer that was eligible to be vaccinated on March 24th according to his residency in the state of Arizona. He decided not to do it for whatever reason, be it travel, tournaments, whatever. The fact of the matter, as one of the greatest professional golfers to ever walk the face of the earth said, “It’s a business decision…” A costly one for John Rahm. Surely, a decision that Patrick Cantlay may have been happy that Rahm made.

I wonder how many guys on tour got their vaccinations today….

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