It's Masters' week and even though it's truly a Masters like none other as it takes place in November this year, as always, you can count on amazing golf. The early example of jaw-dropping greatness from Augusta Georgia came from John Rahm with a water-skipping ole in one on the 16 hole during practice...ON HIS BIRTHDAY!

Coming from a guy with maybe 10 par's in my life I want to try to do that! I realize I'd lose A LOT of golf balls in the attempt but that looked so cool. If you're a big fan of the Masters you know that trying to skip the water on the 16th hole at Augusta during practice is a tradition, but considering we've never seen the hop then trickle into the cup this one is special. John Rahm turned 26-years-old yesterday and is one of the favorites to win the green jacket this weekend. Hard to imagine he can top that shot this weekend but I expect the casual golf fan to be following along with the Spaniard now that he's done this.

Levack and Goz kick-off 104.5 The Team's Masters coverage today live from the Hideaway at the Saratoga Lake Golf Club and you can hear Masters updates every hour on the Team.

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