The Masters normally draws golf fans back to the sport as it is, but when you throw Tiger Woods back in the mix, ratings sky-rocket.

With the Masters about a week away, Woods still has yet to decide whether or not he will participate. Theoretically, Woods doesn't have to announce if he's playing until hours before the tournament begins, but will Woods' struggles with injuries limit his chances of playing in the 2016 Masters tournament?

There is a possibility Tiger won't participate, but there's no doubt if he thinks he can play, he will. When asked about Woods' status, his agent Mark Steinberg said there was “no further update at the moment”.

In October, Woods went under-the-knife again to 'relieve discomfort' in his back. He has since tweeted videos of himself chipping with a 9-iron with the caption 'progressing nicely' and explained his personal healing process when he opened one of his golf courses in Texas, "Everyone heals differently and every nerve is slightly different."

Woods last played in the Wyndham Championship back in August.

Personally, it seems as though Woods is prepared to announce that he will play, but he and his agent are waiting for the right time to announce the news. Tee times are normally released on Tuesday, so it would likely be expected that we know his status by then. The key day is Saturday. Should Woods not reveal his status by then, then we are more likely to believe he may not be healthy enough to participate.

Do you think Woods will play in next weeks Masters?

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