This week on Levack and Goz, we brought back one of our newest and most popular segments, "Socially Awkward Media." returned. This week's edition was back at it's normal time at 4pm on Thursdays.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week on our show.Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't.

Levack and I encourage you to join in on the conversation during the show either by posting on our official Facebook page ( or by tweeting at us directly (@TheJeffLevack, @TomGozz) It's possible that next Thursday, your post could be read on Socially Awkward Media. This Thursday the show will be the reaction show as we take the air following the Yankees-A's game from the previous night. Plus how have fans reacted to the NFL teams locally over the past weeks. If you missed today's segments, make sure to check back here to listen to the segment below.

Plus after 4pm, check out this week's Top 10 list.



Chris-Is it bad I still don’t feel safe with this lead with Chapman coming in? @THEjefflevack @TomGozz #TwistNut

Peter B-7-2….

Jay-traitor... you should be ashamed of self respecting man jumps on the bandwagon of a team like the Yankees!!! (SHAME!! SHAME!!)

J Hymes-#frontrunner

Peter R-Isiah Thomas for Mets gm

WGNA Jess Sims-I’m excited! I love Jodie from Broadchurch so I can’t wait to see what she does with the character. I would’ve liked her to have been alone or with 1 companion before she picks up like 3 people but..we’ll see. You?

Randall-Next week would be cool. Rex did a better job than him and he doesnt coach in the NFL any more

Rodger- “Todd Bowles is on borrowed time”-Greg-You guys don’t know anything about football. Stick to beer drinking at your remotes.

Eric- Worry about winning the game bro... wiping your butt with football after ONE TD isn't working

Christopoher-Well he used to play for the...wait for...the BROWNS

Anthony-Add WWE style entrances to Tennis and I am in. (BAH GAWD KING, IT'S SERENA WILLIAMS!



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