I'm not mad, I'm disappointed. I remember when my mom would say that to me and it would break my heart. Well, now I'm saying that to the New York Yankees. The excuses for why it didn't work out this year are plenty but every team has those excuses. The shortened season, the war between the MLB and the MLBPA, not knowing if you'd even play, a schedule with tons of unknown changes around every corner, and of course the fear of COVID-19. As I said though, every team had those excuses and the Yankees fell short again. Before you start looking to sign every free agent pitcher you should take a look at what the Pinstripes already have.

The Yankees 2021 Starting 5

There's a lot of youth in this potential rotation and you just never know if a guy like Trevor Bauer would work for the Yankees but I like these five. I think it's important to remember you hired Matt Blake as your pitching coach because of the success he and the Cleveland Indians were having with young pitchers. Makes sense to me you'd ask him to get these guys to the next level and realize their potential sooner than later.

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