As has been established on Levack & Bahl, I'm (a dirty Red Sox fan who is also) new to the Capital Region.

With a move to a new area, comes the need to find new spots. There is no better way to get acclimated to a new state or town than by sampling the best breakfast, lunch and dinner locations around. I've asked around, I've Google'd, I've even considered Bing-ing. That's how desperate I've gotten in certain situations.

Earlier this week, I get a text from my girlfriend, who is visiting me this week. She sends me a picture of a half-dozen of the most delicious-looking donuts I have EVER seen. I was taken aback, flabbergasted, amazed by what was on my phone. I returned home after our show, knowing a taste-test was in my future. That was when I first experienced Duck Donuts in Latham, NY.

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In terms of the flavors of these creations, if you name it, they have it. And, even if they don't have it, they can easily customize a donut creation to your exact specifications. They also had coffee, tea, specialty drinks, and some intriguing breakfast sandwiches that I'll have to sample in my next visit.

Me, you ask? Well, I have a soft spot for donuts. Depending on how many I eat, I have an even larger soft spot. I threw caution to the wind this morning, when we ordered our donuts before I headed in for work.

My order today: The "Sunrise" lemon-frosted, raspberry drizzle donut, the key lime cheesecake donut, and the chocolate-covered strawberry donut. I didn't eat them all this morning, but I ate enough to know I'll be back soon.

Now, however, I need a nap. (Just kidding...HAPPY DRAFT NIGHT!)

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