Of all of the titles that can be given to a city, the "most cockroach-infested city in America" is certainly one of the worst ones. That didn't stop the folks over at Pest Gnome, who put together a study that used pest control data to find the the least, and most, roach-covered cities in the country.

Unfortunately, not one, but two cities in New York were listed near the top of this list, and that really bugged us.

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Two Cities in New York Named Among Most "Roach-Infested" in America

In order to complete these rankings, Pest Gnome mined data from the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as climate info, for every city in the country. That data was then condensed down into one final score; a roach-quotient, if you will.

Those scores were used to generate a ranked list, with every city in America included from most cockroach-infested, to least.

Few will be surprised to learn that New York City is the 11th-most cockroach-infested city in America. In three major categories, NYC was ranked 8th in shares of homes with signs of cockroaches in past 12 months, 15th in historical average number of extremely hot days, and 7th in pest control workers per 10,000 households.

Unsplash / Nowshad Arefin
Unsplash / Nowshad Arefin

All of that data was condensed down to a final "score" of 37.39.

Rochester, meanwhile, was also included on the list, as it was ranked the 24th-most roach-infested city in America. In the same three categories listed above, Rochester was ranked 22nd, 22nd and 3rd. It finished with a "score" of 16.36.

No city in America, however, has a larger roach problem than Houston, Texas. Our condolences to all Houston residents for that.

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