2,421 athletes have been associated with a National Football League team in 2023. Sure, some of those players are back-ups, depth options or role players on their respective teams. Others, meanwhile, are legitimate stars: players who fans love to watch, and love to talk about.

In need of more information about their favorite football star, curious fans will often head to the search engine Google and type in their football-related queries. In those situations, two NFL players on New York teams were seeing their named searched more than any other in 2023.

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Study Reveals Most-Searched NFL Player Names in 2023; New York Tops Lists

A study done by the folks at Bettingtop10 in Canada identified the NFL players who were searched for most often on the search engine Google in 2023. Using Google Trend search data, the study revealed that Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin was the most-searched name among NFL players during the 2023 calendar year.

Hamlin racked up a remarkable 7.1 million monthly searches for his name on the popular search engine.

Getty Images
Getty Images

He was far-and-away the most-searched NFLer in 2023, and ironically, the next-closest player on this list also plays for a New York team. That was New York Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers, who registered 2.5 million monthly searches on Google this calendar year.

As such, Rodgers was the most-searched quarterback on the list. Meanwhile, former New York Giants' standout Odell Beckham Jr. was the most-searched wide receiver in 2023.

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Getty Images

Elsewhere in New York, Buffalo Bills’ player Von Miller is America's second most searched for linebacker, and New York Jets’ cornerback Bryce Hall is the fourth highest searched defensive back in America.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce was the most-searched name at the tight end position in America.

Gee, I wonder why?

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