Cameras are everywhere. Not just because of the technology on your smart phone but everywhere. Stores, banks, city sidewalks, intersections and the front porches of America are equipped with stationary cameras for safety and security reasons. Every move you make, every breath you take, someone's watching you.

Now the city of Troy, NY has a mobile camera unit so they can place a camera almost anywhere at any time. Are all of these cameras an invasion of your privacy? Is it too much or not enough?

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According to NBC13, the Troy, NY Police Department will be using a mobile surveillance trailer with cameras on it. If you drive through the 'Collar City', smile, you could be on camera on any given day while traveling on any given street. Who sees these images and what exactly are the officers looking for?

News10 reports that the mobile surveillance trailer is equipped with cameras with images live-streamed back to the Troy Police Department and recorded. The intention s to deter crime and keep your family safe but not everyone sees it that way.

Here are some comments posted on social media regarding Troy's mobile surveillance trailer.

  • "How are people ok with this? Total overreach and invasion of privacy. The government/ police should not have the ability to watch citizens like this." - KB
  • "This should be so illegal, I can't believe people are ok with being watched to this extreme level." - EJ
  • "This is good news" - RR

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