Today while "working" diligently at my desk preparing for today's show, I noticed there's a video circulating of a wolverine carrying a goat's head. Yup, you read that right and I was mesmerized.

Okay so this is kinda terrifying. My mind began to race with question after question. Where's the rest of the goat? Why in the world isn't the wolverine even remotely concerned about the human filming it? Is the wolverine the goats natural enemy? Is this some form of omen as to what will happen the next time the Michigan Wolverines play the Navy Midshipmen? WHY HAVEN'T I EVER SEEN ANYTHING THIS AWESOME IN REAL LIFE????

So of course people all over the office began to come up with their own takes. "Tom Brady must be so confused as a former Wolverine and current GOAT." "That's so it again!" There were several "head" comments but I'll leave those to your imagination.

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