Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
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What a great night in sports as we hit the final Thursday in May. Tonight's lineup includes Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Yankees vs Red Sox, Mets vs Dodgers and the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Despite a great night in sports, social media always provides its unique take on the week.

Socially Awkward Media, the segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Do you feel like this was one of the best of the year? Did your post make this week's Top 10? Check it out below.

Josh-Worst loss of all time, joke

Mike-Warriors in 7... the iffy status of Durant makes thus series closer than it normally would be

Marc-I was at the game in AC this past Saturday, Levack is right, awesome venue. Partied in party zone... It was defiantly missing the 2 of you.

Joe-The Wire is good but a little overrated. It’s in my top 10-15. They had a really bad last season too. Jimmy McNulte unhinged is a great time lol

Dennis-don't cross out the "M" cross the whole thing out and do like they did with the Browns QB Jersey and tape your name on it

Ryan-I'm going to need this livestreamed.

Peter-I'm never sure how I should feel when Sterling talks about the Yankees going "Belly-To-Belly".

Bill-Bababooey, Fitty ¢, and this one, in that order.

Bill-Had a great time at trivia last night but was embarrassed the I didn't know Carmello's jersey number at the 'Cuse!

Toe Shoes-CHARITY SOFTBAL MECHANICVILLE  Mistakenly sent this invite to GOZ!! (He is welcome to indulge in milk & water) Then I realized my drunken mistake....(2 mins in sin bin for mistaken shame...(sad emoji)



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