The 2018 Saratoga Racing meet begins Friday and even more for the most die hard of racing fans, the excitement of the track extends far beyond the racing.  There's plenty to take in and soak up in July and August is never short on people watching, fashion, celebrity sightings, and good ol' Saratoga Springs charm.  This weekend however, many eyes will be on a certain thoroughbred who's turning heads for his unique and distinctive look, something race fans and trainers alike have never quite seen before.

Meet Southern Phantom. A two year old colt making his racing debut Saturday at Saratoga.

From the top of Southern Phantom's head to the end of his nose, his face is nothing but stark white making him appear to be wearing some sort of villanous mask. V is for Vendetta and the Joker come to mind when I first took a glance at this unsual and stunningly beautiful looking animal.  His look is accentuated by the fact that has one blue eye, the other brown. All of his legs look like he is wearing long white socks. Unusual indeed.

I've never seen one like this,"  Southern Phantom's trainer Eric Guillot, told the Times Union.  "I have seen horses with some white but never one with a blue eye and a brown eye and a whole white head."

Southern Menace

Photo credit: Lori Talbot Facebook

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