Vic is really ticked off this time!

Vic's right about razor blades when did these become the most shop lifted item at drug stores? You have to call a security guard to open the case. It's a royal pain. I started ordering online razors because I got so tired of paying mucho $ for blades. I tried buying disposables but I might as well shave with a hunting knife. I looked like I had smallpox when done. I once had so much toilet paper to stop the bleeding I looked like a wounded civil war casualty. The only disposables that worked well were the ones my girlfriend buys to shave her legs. I know what kind of man am I!!!

I was in the drug store the other day and I had to get them to open the bathroom door it was padlocked. No it was not outside like a gas station but in the back of the store! WTF Are people sneaking into drug store bathrooms and shooting up? Unreal.