Tiger Woods starts to heat up, while Rory McIlroy melts down at the 2011 Masters.

The 2011 Masters showed just how far the bar for Tiger Woods has lowered.  Sure, Tiger played great golf at times during the event, but there was a time when we would've wondered what's wrong with Tiger after finishing fourth at a major.  Now we ask, "Is Tiger back?"

It's easy to be seduced by the 2011 Masters to the point where you think Tiger is better than he actually is right now.  Tiger is compelling.  The crowd was captivated by Tiger at the Masters.  Twitter blew up during the event because of Tiger.  All of that doesn't change the reality that Tiger is still a work in progress though.

Expectations are fluid.  Expectations for athletes change all of the time.  The once lofty expectations for Tiger Woods have dwindled before our eyes.