Tiger Woods hasn't won a major since 2008, and he may never win another in his career.  Why?  Inconsistency.  You know, and not being able to stay on the course - he withdrew, today, for the third time in his last eight competitions.  But mostly, that first thing.

When Woods was in his prime, he hit every chip and every.  Single.  Putt.

But now, he's all over the board.  He may hit a putt or two every now and then, and he may knock a chip to within a few feet occasionally, but he can't do it the way the way he used to - he can't do it whenever he wants anymore.

This week, Woods is with the PGA Tour at Torrey Pines, and in his first few holes, he gave us a perfect example.

On one hole, he's looking a little too much like me - skulling chilly peppers across the green when the flag is eight feet away:


But on the next, he's popping it in there to save par.

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