Ok keep doubting. Keep hoping he falls apart. Keep thinking it's not for real. I have to laugh. This time Chicago got Tebowed. You know what don't even try to explain it just enjoy it. I am An admitted dis-liker of the Chetlin Ponies As I call them but seriously this defies explanation. This wasn't the Jets mouthy  erratic defense,the going nowhere Vikings defense, the over-rated Chargers defense or KC or Oakland this was the Monster of the Midway Bears. I know the Bears defense isn't as solid as usual and still it was the Bears.

Shake your head in amazement and think about this also. In the 1st 3 Quaters Tebow managed a paltry 3-16 for 45 yard day. Oh but Tebow time doesn't arrive until the situation looks grave. Down 10-0 the Broncs rallied.Of course they did Tebow time. Combined between the 4th qtr  and almost half  of the extra session Tebow time produced a startling 18-24 for 191. Holy Unexplainable! Let's throw in a way to go for kicker ( I never compliment kickers)  Matt Prater nailed 2 huge FG's including a 59 yarder with 3 seconds left in regulation. That even brought John Elway out of his seat and shaking his head. It's easy to explain John. It was Tebow time. Broncos are in 1st place at 8-5. Yeah you  have a better explanation then it's Tebow time