Amsterdam celebrated the 10th anniversary of the pro wrestling hall of fame in style and I was there to document to live TNA show at the Amsterdam High School.

The night was something out of a childhood day dream for me. Having a Pro wrestling event in the AHS gym was something that we all thought would be cool back in the day. 10 years after I was stomping through the hall ways as an Amsterdam Ram the dream came true in incredible fashion.

With names like Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley, and Tommy Dreamer among the names that were brought in for the nights festivities. The event started with a few under card events, but then the big boys started hitting the ring.

Jeff Jarrett put on an amazing show in a losing effort against Samoa Joe. He taunted the crowd, and had a grand standing entrance that you only expect to see on TV. The fans loved his jeers, and embraced the Samoan Submission machine as one their own, that night everyone was an Amsterdamian, and it made me proud of the ability to put together such a top notch show.

The headlining affair was Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson. From the onset of the match it was apparent who the victor was going to be. The crowd cheered Rob Van dam like he had just won the office of president, and booed Mr. Anderson like he killed their puppy as a child.  It wasn’t long before Rob Van dam went of the top rope to knock Mr. Anderson out of the match.

It was then that man the myth Mick Foley came out from behind the curtain to celebrate the victory with Rob. Mick had hit traffic out side of New York City delaying his arrival to New York’s Leather Stocking Region.  After a minute or two of show boating with the recent victor, Mr. Anderson snuck up on the wrestling legends and attacked Foley.  The scuffle lasted for only moments as Mick pulled out Mr. Socko (sock he keeps tucked in his tights) and performed his prized mandible claw finishing move to incapacitate the assailant.

The crowd was pleased with the event and lined up to just get a photo with Mick, a small memento of a grand time.  I for one hope that towns in and around this area get more events of this caliber. It boosted Amsterdam and its economy, why can’t events like this help yours…...

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