NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has an interesting ritual before races.  He was caught on Sunday grabbing the backside of Kevin Harvick's wife.

Tony Stewart has grabbed a butt or two before on raceday.  He took his butt-grabbing ritual to another level on Sunday by grabbing the booty of one Delana Harvick before the race at Chicagoland began.  Her reaction was priceless.  She looked at him the same way Bruce Jacobs (host of "Game On" weekdays 3-7pm) would look at me if I told him that the Miami Dolphins were much better than the New York Jets.  He would look at me with hatred in his eyes.

Delana Harvick turned around as if she was prepared to slap the person who just grabbed her butt senseless.  When she realized it was her husband's good friend, she toned down the hostility.  Man, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart must be good friends if butt grabbing doesn't result in a full-blown brawl.  Brad Keslowski won the race on Sunday after Denny Hamlin ran out of gas on the final lap.  Hamlin coasted to a disappointing 16th-place finish.  

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