Hockey logos are a fine art. They are either great or something I wouldn’t use to clean my self in Port-a-John out of paper. See if your team made the list

10. Boston Bruins- It’s a classic logo. The B in side of the pin wheel is the most classic logo in Boston. Given I hate Boston sports but I can’t hate on a logo of this quality. It’s like if Ben Afflac and Matt Damon had a kid named Will Hunting…. If you hate that then you’re a monster.

9. Montreal Canadians- The interlocking CH is one of the more classic looking sports logos of all time. It is the Yankees NY of the NHL.  We are just a Northway away from these doughnut loving Canadians, they are the goofy up stairs neighbor of the Capital Region.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs- I’ve loved the leaf since I was a small child just learning about socialized health care. And every one knows Toronto is the New York City of the North. And it is exactly like New York….. You know except with out the stuff

7. St Louis Blues- Many of you may of forgotten about that St. Louis even had a hockey team, but they do I assure you. This note with what looks like wings is just sleek and beautiful just like lady GaGa.

6. New York Rangers- They made the list cause you crazy ranger fans would of tied me to a lamp post and beat me about the head and neck with a waffle ball bat.  The shield looks cool and junk I guess.

5. New Jersey Devils- The Devils NJ with horns looks badass. They might as well of put a picture of Bruce Willis riding a baled eagle on their sweaters. And if you had the stones to ask what that had to do with the Devils, they would elbow smash your face and say “That’s what”

4. Edmonton Oilers- This logo is just awesome, the team is improved this year and it’s about time we saw an oil slick in the playoffs instead of the Gulf of Mexico

3. Red Wings- The Tire with wings reminds me of when I was a child going to Glens Falls. These guys have more titles then I.T guy at a small company.  Besides all that this is the best thing Detroit has going for it besides the Robo Cop statue.

2. Vancouver Canucks- The Killer whale makes me re think about what the ending of free Willie should have been. That whale scares the crap out of me, if I were playing these guys that would half to Zamboni my urine of the rink after every line change.

1. Buffalo Sabers- From worst to first. The Buff-a-slug was awful easily the worst logo in the league.  But this through back Logo inspires me to do great things, just not in the city of Buffalo that would a waste. And it even explains it’s self. Look a Buffalo and some Sabers, bam explained. Half the logos in sports you have no idea what the hell they are doing on those jerseys (what are you the Boston lepercons). This is like a warm hug that ends in a good face wash and continues till you get a 5 minute major.