Now the College Football season begins! With the release of the First BCS poll the chase for the championship is on. However, as usual, the BCS leaves leaves many questions and controversies.

Right off the bat how does gutless Florida, that's right gutless Florida, who hasn't played a regular season game west of St.Louis in almost 30 years, how are they ranked second in this poll? Was it the convincing win over Vanderbilt? Maybe it was their wins over then scuffling Texas A&M, or their victory over a young Tennessee club? It can't and isn't wins over lousy Kentucky or lame Bowling Green.

Hopefully Florida pays the price for their usual weak non conference schedule when they play nobodies Louisiana Lafayette and Jacksonville State back to back starting November 10th. Florida should be ashamed by their non conference scheduling but instead they get rewarded for it.

For my money, little of it that there is, the second spot should be occupied by either Notre Dame, who has beaten solid teams and a little lesser every week including Michigan, Michigan State and Stanford.

Or perhaps Kansas State who destroyed Miami (Fla), beat a stubborn and good team in Iowa State on the road and their signature victory at Oklahoma. The Wildcats who I was never a fan of either have their big chance when they go on the road to West Virginia this coming Saturday. Right now Bill Synder's 'Cats are #4 in the BCS.

The Oregon Ducks, with their video game offense will get tested plenty as the season rolls along, starting this Thursday at Arizona State. The Sun Devils have surprised so far at 5-1. The Ducks so far to me have been real good but mostly untested with wins against Fresno State, Arkansas State, Tennessee Tech, Washington State. They did pound Arizona who was ranked #22 at the time and Washington who was ranked #23 when the Quacks blew them out. The Ducks still have after ASU Thursday, Cal, Stanford, USC and surging Oregon State who blew out BYU without their starting QB this past Saturday.

The highest ranked one loss team right now is LSU who got back into the title picture with a nice win over then ranked third South Carolina on Saturday.

The top 10 right now in order has Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame, LSU, South Carolina, Oregon State, Oklahoma, and USC.

I love the BCS save for a few mistakes here and there. I compare it to survivor and who will play themselves off championship Island this week is exciting. This past Saturday West Virginia and South Carolina did their title hopes damage, especially WVU after getting their head handed to them at decent but nothing special Texas Tech.

Five or six weeks left in the thrilling chase and as usual this will sort itself out as it does. For my rooting sake here is hoping the old ball coach, Steve Spurrier has a good plan in mind for taking out gutless Florida this coming Saturday at South Carolina!

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