“The Simpsons” have been on the air for 22 seasons, and are coming back fro a 23, so there is a chance you have heard of the show. During this epic run there has been many guest stars and a whole mess of them were from the sporting world.  Here is a list of the 10 best athlete guest star appearances in Simpson history.

Danica Patrick

How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?” Season 22, Episode 7

Danica beat off some stiff competition to make the list. Her level of stardom coupled with the hot girl on girl fight with Marge in Homers fantasy put her over the top.  It’s all well and good when homer day dreams about Danica Patrick till he adds the idea what if Marge found out. This is when stuff gets real as Marge and Danica get into a full fledge hair pulling brawl. Mmmm daddy like


“Marge Gamer” Season 18, Episode 17

Lisa starts playing soccer as Marge gets tied up in a fantasy world. I’ll get into how much I hate Lisa centered episodes latter, but this one isn’t all bad as Homer joins her in her quest to become a great soccer player.  Soccer usually isn’t my bag but this episode is as it takes on the reason we all hate soccer FLOPPERS. Lisa pulls a weak acting game going down in a match and homer calls her out on her BS by kicking her out of the game. This ticks Lisa off something fierce, but all is forgiven when Ronaldo shows up for some back yard fun. This episode also makes fun of World of Warcraft playing nerds so it’s got that going for it as well…. Which is nice.

Tony Hawk

Barting Over” Season 14, Episode 11

Bart and homer at odds over money Bart earned when he was just a baby. Homer blew the money to get back pictures of himself that someone was blackmailing him with. Bart gets all pissed about it and moves out after winning half homers money in court.  He makes friends with Tony Hawk, who homer has to then get into a skate board duel with to win Bart back (this naturally favors Homer). He does and it was kinda funny, not bad for the 300th episode.

The William Sisters

"Tennis the Menace” Season 12, Episode 12

Homer becomes the classic over barring tennis dad that completely messes with their kids head. This just to play in some tournament in town called the “Krusty Kharity Klassic”. The biggest names in tennis are there and take over the tournament. The Simpson respectively decide it is better just to sit and watch then participate. You hear that kids sit on your fat butts eat gogert and watch Twilight all day “better to watch then participate”.

LeBron James, Yao Ming, Tom Brady, and Warren Sapp

"Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" Season 16, Episode 8

I like anything that pokes fun at how ridiculously serious athletes take them selves. Homer becomes a celebratory dance instructor or some crap and teaches the worlds biggest stars how to get down and buggy. As you can imagine homer gets carried away with his success and screws everything up. (hahaha Classic HOMER). I forget what Lisa was doing this whole time, but I also didn’t care. Lisa heavy episodes are like knock off SPANX…. They Don’t Work!

Mark McGwire

"Brother's Little Helper" Season 11, Episode 3

This one you don’t see coming, it starts with Bart being forced to take a drug called Focusyn that makes him act like a good kid in school and even at home.  Before long the side effect of the drug kick in and Bart becomes paranoid that Major League Baseball is spying on him and his whole town. When homer tries to take Bart off Focusyn he downs a hand full of the drug and runs off. Bart naturally ends up stealing a tank, because in Springfield security at military bases is kind of lax. Bart points the canon into the sky and sure enough shoots down a MLB satellite that has been taking notes on the whole town. That’s when Mark “Big Red” McGwire steps in and asks “Do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you want to see me hit some dingers?”

The town responds as any of us would, they let the large man knock a few out of the park.

The Super Bowl

"Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" Season 10, Episode 12

Now this one I just listed as the Super Bowl because there was so many guest stars, From John Madden to Dan Marino it was a who’s who of 90’s hall of famers. The best part of the episode was were homer and his fellow drunk idiots go on a Monkey like romp through Pro Player Stadium that puts  the men of Springfield in Super Bowl Jail.

The Manning Brothers

O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”  Season 21, Episode 8

The episode it’s self was a heart felt story about boy wanting a baby brother at all cost. In reality it was just freaking hilarious watching Eli and Peyton play monkey In the middle with their older brother Cooper.  I forget where I was going with this but what hell it’s the Simpson’s, just enjoy the clip and quit bothering me about it OKAY.

Joe Namath

“Bart Star” Season 9, Episode 6

This episode is hilarious Homer is the star but Namath comes in and steals a little of the big guys thunder. He gives one the best motivational speeches about Vapor Lock in the history of roadside car repair.  He provides no help to the story and is just plane funny, and not funny like I just had 3 bottles of gin for dinner funny.  I want to kiss you.

Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Ken Griffey Jr., Steve Sax, Ozzie Smith, Jose Canseco, Don Mattingly, Darryl Strawberry, and Mike Scioscia

"Homer at the Bat" Season 3, Episode 17

This to me isn’t just the best episode featuring athlete guest stars, its in the top 5 Simpson episodes ever.  From Conseco saving everything from  an old women’s house to Wade Boggs getting knocked the hell out over Pitt the elder I can’t think of a better 22 minutes in animated baseball history.  Come on I never laughed harder then when Steve Sax was arrested for ever murder ever in New York City.  Watch a little “Talkin Softball” and tell me you don’t enjoy it.  (if you tell me you don’t enjoy it, someone will pee in your flower beds, and we wouldn’t want that)

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