These 10 movies can turn any manly man to a quivering baby in just about an hour and a half

10. Knute Rockne, All American (1940) - This Film defined the sports drama genre, the biography of legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne, also featured a young Ronald Reagan playing “George ‘the Gipper’ Gipp”.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: Shortly after Regan’s character George Gipp kicks the bucket due to the pneumonia he got after getting drunk and sleeping in a ditch (don’t believe me look it up), you get one of greatest speeches ever.  Every man’s eyes swell up when they here the line “Now Win one for the Gipper”. Sob* Sob* Gets me every time.


9.   The Natural (1984) - This movie is about a guy named Roy Hobbs who is just the absolute perfect baseball player. He is so skilled at the game he strikes out the uncopyrighted version of Babe Ruth.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: After getting blasted in the gut with a silver bullet by some crazy chick, he makes a comeback later in life. Only to find out the bullet screws up his insides and if he plays even one more game he could die.  He plays anyway (because Robert Redford is the freaking man) and hits a game-winning home run that causes the stadium to explode, literally.

I know it’s cheesy but damn it, I love it


8.   Brian’s Song (1971) - This is based on a true story, which is always away to get the waterworks flowing before the title screen. It is based on the Life and friendship of Brian Piccolo (played by the dad from “ELF”) and NFL Hall of Famer Gale Sayers (Played by Lando Calrissian).

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: The Dude gets cancer, I know we all knew that, but when Sayers finds out about his condition after having him benched I feel like I’m dumping Gatorade out of my eyes . This coupled with the music in the film is just a license to cry and cry and cry some more.


7.   For Love of the Game (1999) - Billy Chapel (played by Kevin Costner) is at the end of his career, possibly pitching in his last game for a losing team (from Detroit, who would of thought). The game is the culmination of what is a boarder-line hall fame career. Added bonus John C. Reilly (from Step Brothers) is his catcher in his landmark finale' game.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: After pitching a perfect game, and running through his entire life in his head, he realizes that the only thing he cares about is his ex-wife Kelly Preston. He runs to find her at the airport before her plane leaves for her job in London. He tells her he loves her …. It makes me cry every time when I watch it on bus trips to Yankee Stadium.


6.   Rocky (1976) - Are you kidding me?  If you don’t know what this movie is about then your man-card should be shredded right in front of your face. Rocky is selected, at random, to take on Apollo Creed (the current Heavyweight Champion of the World) in a fight in Rocky’s hometown of Philadelphia

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: When Rocky goes the distance and loses but is completely content with his performance when he sees the women he loves (Adrian) - who is proud of the way he fought the fight. It is just as emotional for me as it is for Rocky.


5.   Miracle (2004) - The movie about the greatest sporting event in the history of sports. It is based on the 1980 US Men’s Olympic Hockey Team’s victory over the Soviet Union in Lake Placid.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: It is when Herb Brooks calls in Ralph Cox to make what presumably is the last cut before the games in Lake Placid. Knowing Herb's history of being the last one cut before the 1960 games, and how hard Cox worked to get this far with the 80 team - I need a whole box of tissues to get to the end of that scene.


4.   We Are Marshall (2006) - the story of a small town in West Virginia who has to overcome a major tragedy just keep playing football.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: From the town coming to grips with fact that 95 percent of the team was killed in a plane crash, to the remaining players wanting to continue playing the following season - this movie is so heart warming even Bobby Bowden looked like a good guy.


3.   Field of Dreams (1989) - Another Kevin Costner baseball movie, except this one makes “For Love of the Game” look like “Weekend at Bernie’s”. A Midwestern farm owner builds a baseball field in his corn field because a creepy voice told him to.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: OMG, this movie is full of them.  From Costner struggling to keep the farm, to playing catch with Shoeless Joe Jackson, when Moonlight Graham gave up an eternity playing baseball to save the life of a little girl, I cried. When Kevin Costner gets to play catch with his own father on the field he built, I was Niagara Falls. This movie was so powerful I found my self digging up my parent’s back yard in hopes of seeing Ray Liotta come walking out of the brush. 


2.   Remember the Titans (2000) - This movie has everything that tugs at the heart strings, Integration, Racism, a sassy little girl, football, and a loveable fat kid. This movie takes place in the 1960s in the south so you know stuff is about to get real.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: The Movie was happy tears of friendship till the Titans captain Gerry Bertier is paralyzed in a car accident the day before the biggest game in school history. The team goes on to win the big game in his name. O yeah, the movie ended at his funeral where all his former coaches and players show up as friends bonded by (lip quivers) football.


1.   Rudy (1993) - Daniel Ruettiger has been told he was to small and he wouldn’t amount to anything his whole life. It wasn’t till the death of one of his good friends at a steel mill that he had the motivation to better his life. It’s at this time that Rudy tries to get into Notre Dame and play for the Fighting Irish.

TEAR JERKING MOMENT: A lot of things will trigger the waterworks in this one.  From when he tries to get into Notre Dame and has to go to a community college to get his grades up,  to when he befriends a groundskeeper that helps him reach his goals and keeps him motivated. I’m a mess when the team protests Rudy not being allowed to play by threatening to quit the team.  And you are a monster if you’re not swelled up with tears when the crowd starts chanting “RUDY, RUDY, RUDY”.  It only gets worse when the head coach places Rudy into the game - and he records a sack! And I don’t know about you, but when the team picks him up and carries him around, I’m more of an emotional mess than Paris Hilton was for the 2 hours she was in jail.  This movie has made every man cry, from Bruce Willis to the Pope and everyone in between, it being the number one shouldn’t even be a question.


There are my top 10, in order.  So grab a box of tissues  - and a friend that can keep your tears a secret and make a weekend of it.

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