5-Super Bowl XLVII Jacoby Jones 109 yard kickoff return

This was a close call behind Jones and the Saints on side kick in Super Bowl XLIV. However Hank Basket can take some blame for not recovering the kick for the Colts. For this play it is about blocking and speed. Give me the Super Bowl record for longest play ever for #5.

4-Super Bowl XLIII Santonio Holmes game winning catch

This may be the closest thing we get to a perfect play in the Super Bowl. The throw. The catch. The timing.

3- Super Bowl XLIII James Harrison pick six before halftime. 

Just watch this play again. I count seven (7!) times I think Harrison is going to be tackled before the goal line. At that time, it was the longest play in the history of the Super Bowl.

2- Super Bowl XXXIV- Mike Jones tackle

The offense will get most of the love on the list but how can this not be the greatest play defensively in Super Bowl history. Preventing a team to score the potential game tying points. Mike Jones a legend forever in St.Louis

1- Super Bowl XLII Helmet Catch David Tyree (and Eli Manning)

So much happens on this play. The now almost under rated part of this play is Eli Manning escaping from the pressure by New England. Tyree's catch over Rodney Harrison. This proved to be the play that helped the Giants foil the Patriots undefeated season.

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