For the second time in four months, Pegula Sports & Entertainment is undergoing a massive change near the top of their chain of command.

Four months ago, Ron Raccuia, the team’s now-former executive vice president and COO, departed the organization. Raccuia has been a key figure in the deal that promised Buffalo a new football stadium, yet months after the ink dried on the agreement, he was gone.

A new leadership group was established soon after, but now, that group will once again be changing, after reports surfaced that a workplace relationship had crossed a line while the team was traveling to London.

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Details Emerge of Relationship Between Two Buffalo Executives; Both Were Let Go

A bombshell report from The Athletic shared details of a relationship between two high-ranking executives within Pegula Sports & Entertainment, the entity that owns that NFL's Buffalo Bills, NHL's Buffalo Sabres and NLL's Buffalo Bandits, among other properties.

The two staffers --- Chief Operating Officer (COO) John Roth and General Counsel/Senior VP of Business Administration Kathryn D’Angelo ---  were both fired from the organization for their romantic relationship in the workplace, as confirmed by The Associated Press.

LinkedIn / Avvo
LinkedIn / Avvo

Two tweets from Tim Graham underline what happened between the pair, and the organization, and why the latter took immediate action this week.

Here they are:

So, based on all of the information that The New York Post was able to cobble together today, it appears as though this relationship had been taking place behind closed doors, so to speak, and the pair's actions while the team was in London necessitated something to be done by PSE.

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Josh Dziurlikowski, who was another part of the aforementioned group who took over the leadership duties of Raccuia, will be interim COO and Jim Overdorf, a longtime football operations advisor, will serve as general counsel, according to The Post.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Roth said this:

“Both Kathryn and I wish the Pegulas the best of luck and we think the world of Terry, Kim and Laura, and the rest of the team,” Roth said, referring to his staff. “And we will be cheering the Bills and Sabres on from afar.” - John Roth, via AP

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