The Greatest has left us for a rematch with fighters gone by. He only lost 5 fights over his long time in the ring. Many have written about him, so in this post, I just wanted to share his top ten knockouts and a few little know facts.

1- Ali was a fan of Sugar Ray Robinson and once asked for an autograph. He was turned down. Because of that experience, Ali never turned down a fan who asked for his autograph.

2- Ali would not ride the bus to school. Instead he chose to race the bus.

3- Elvis gave him a robe that said "People's Champion". From that point on, he was also called that.

4- Ali, as a child, had his bike stolen. While at the police station, he met officer Joe Martin, who turned him on to boxing.

5- In 1960, Muhammad won a gold medal as a light heavyweight in the Olympics. Later, after returning to the US, he was refused at a service at a small diner. Right there and then, he threw his gold medal in the Ohio River. He said that he does not want to wear a gold medal in a country where he could not be served. The reason he was refused was because of his race.

6- Out of 110 amateur fights he only had one knockout.