How would you like to stop paying electric bills and heating bills?

Yeah, I had some questions too. What I can they are building a Net-Zero community in the Catskills that will be truly energy efficient, affordable and ecological at the same time. Based on those guidelines we can safely say that "The Catskill Project" is the first of it's kind in the area. Let's look around "The Balsam", the projects first of 3 models.

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Get our free mobile app lists the Catskill Project as high performing, low maintenance homes starting at $845,000. Here is some of what you get for just under one million:

  • A shared 40+ acre conservation easement with hiking trails, ponds and waterfalls right in your own backyard!
  • Triple-Pane windows
  • Solar arrays
  • Site sourced recycled materials
  • Filtered Fresh Air

There are 3 models and 11 lots to choose from. Each lot is to be built per your selections.

No More Energy Bills with this Net-Zero House in the Catskills

With only 11 potential plots available at "The Catskill Project" they are bound to go quickly.

Look Inside the 1 of a Kind "Octagon House"

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