The fantasy football Townsquare media Albany league has now reached the semi-final round of the playoffs. In one quarterfinal match up, my team (Dez Nuts) was defeated by producer Matt Woods' team (Show Me Your TD's) 107-91. It was a solid season for my team but unfortunately I will now be rooting for Woods to bring home the title to represent for our station 1045 The Team. In the other quarterfinal match up WGNA's morning host Sean McMaster's team (The McMasterbaters) defeated A Team Has No Name (account executive E.B's team) 138-83. We now know the championship will be rewarded to one of four participants. In one semi-final match up, the McMasterbaters will take on the 3 time defending league champion Stafford Infection managed by sales manager Kevin Rich. In the other semi-final match up Matt Woods will compete against BadankaGronk managed by Andrea. Who will win this year's coveted 2016 Townsquare media Albany fantasy football championship? We will have the results posted next week on