Below are some of the best quotes, following their respective bouts, from winning fighters who competed at UFC Fight Night in Albany.

Shane Burgos:

“If I can do this on two weeks’ notice, it’s a message to everyone that your dreams are possible. If you believe in yourself, you work hard and you truly believe, anything is possible. I fed off the energy from the crowd. This is as close to a hometown show as I am going to get. I saw my family, my wife. We’re having a baby soon, so that was for my baby coming up. My mom’s birthday was yesterday, so I wanted to do this for her.”

Francis Ngannou:

 “This is something we drilled a lot because everyone thinks that I am only a striker. I wanted to show my submission game and I want to fight someone in the top-10 so I can prove that I am ready for a a shot at the belt.”

Derrick Lewis:

“I’m taking this win hard because I wasn’t acting like I should have been. I guess because Shamil was running around. I expected a better performance out of myself because I wanted a top-10 opponent and after a performance like that I don’t believe that I deserve one. I don’t see myself as a top-10 heavyweight because I’ve never seen any of those guys fight like I fought tonight. I don’t know if I can learn anything, right now I’m just highly disappointed. I need to take some time off and really think, press the reset button and see where I’m at.”