The Super Bowl of Horse Racing is this Saturday and the community is abuzz with excitement. Travers winner Essential Quality has been extremely impressive and we asked our racing analyst John Pricci who he likes in the race. For the full analysis of the weekend, listen to the interview above. For his thoughts on Essential Quality, read an excerpt about below!

"I love what Brad Cox has done with him. Since he won the Travers, he has not raced because he wanted to have a fresh horse. This horse responds to training. He can come off a layoff and give you his A+ game right off the bat. In that interim between August and November, he looks like a different horse. He looks like he put on. I am going to say conservatively 100 pounds and he has filled in in all the right places."

Ian Anderson’s run at winning multiple World Series Title is just getting started. Anderson is only 23 years old, and the Braves will be favored to win the National League East next season with a chance to repeat. Freddie Freeman needs paid in the off-season, and there will be a few changes to the roster, but for the most part the Braves can reload. Anderson was a key contributor winning Game 3 of the World Series and he started the clinching game 6 of the NLCS game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ian will be big part of the Braves future success, and he’s only  been in the Major’s for two seasons. It doesn’t get much better.

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