Have you ever been Buffalo'ed?

We hadn't heard of this drinking game before, but one person certainly did: Bills' QB Josh Allen. Allen introduced the drinking game while playing in a golf match that was filmed and posted on YouTube.

The rules of the game are simple, but ruthless, and you have to try it sometime.

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Josh Allen Explains Rules of Buffalo-Themed Drinking Game

While appearing in a YouTube video on the Bob Does Sports channel, Bills' QB Josh Allen introduced the group to a new drinking game. The game is called Buffalo, and the rules are seemingly very simple.

The explanation begins at 5:52, and concludes just after the 6:00 mark. If you want to see the consequences of playing the "Buffalo" drinking game, you may want to keep watching.

Here's the video, started at 5:52:

Thanks to the folks over at Bob Does Sports for putting this video together. As they would say, to the moon.

It's a simple, yet ruthless game. If you're constantly cognizant of which hand is holding your beverage, then you'll have nothing to worry about. Conversely, if you are constantly taking sips and forgetting the game's rules, you'll be in for a very long round of golf.

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Getty Images

This game is also a great test to see how ruthless your friends and family can be. If your fellow contestants are willing to ignore a right-handed slip-up or two, then the game will likely be very fun.

If they play by the rules every time, however...good luck.

And, mix in a water or two.

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