U.S. Soccer is in the midst of one of the lowest points in federation history. Failing to Qualify for the World Cup this past fall, put the federation back to the drawing board. Last month's presidential election may have fixed part of the issue as Sunil Gulati was ousted as President, however, his VP Carlos Cordeiro was elected the next President, so perhaps more of the same from the top of U.S. Soccer.

With the Federation's mediocrity poised to remain for the foreseeable future, it's the players that need to make changes for U.S. Soccer to advance.

The 'chosen one', Christian Pulisic, is 19-years-old and already the best player the U.S. has (In many cases the best male soccer player we have EVER had). He has shown glimpses of brilliance in his short time playing for the national team, while also being a major attacking piece for Borussia Dortmund of the German Bundesliga. His time in Germany has allowed him to hone in on his skills and develop into well-rounded attacking player. However, he obviously has more room to improve.

It's becoming imminent that Pulisic will be making a move to a bigger club this summer. Reports have been swirling that Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and even the likes of Real Madrid could chase the U.S. international this summer. His rapid development has opened up many opportunities to further himself at a bigger club. A fast paced team that likes to attack (Liverpool or Real Madrid) suits him best. Pulisic should be looking to move this summer, without a doubt.

But it's the way he got there that U.S. Soccer fans need to pay attention too. The Hershey, Pennsylvania native went to Germany, sought out top talent to play against and developed his game. That may be the formula for future U.S. talent. Shalke, another Bundesliga team, currently have U.S. international Weston McKinnie. McKinnie is slowly, but surely, following in the footsteps of what Pulisic did. My point here is that the future of U.S. Soccer lies overseas.

No team here in the U.S. can give these players what they need to further their talents and career. Overseas, they can tap into potential that they can't here in the U.S.  When you have a system that doesn't work, you have to find one that will.

The path Pulisic is using is the way young U.S. players need to take note of. If the Federation in our own country isn't giving the proper resources to develop players in our own country, going to Europe is the best option.

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