Albany v Oklahoma
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UAlbany senior Greig Stire has given his all to the Great Danes basketball team for four years now and even though Stire's basketball career a Albany is over that doesn't mean his athletic career at the school is. Stire will attempt to make the move from basketball to football.

You've seen this story at the pro level with guys like Antonio Gates. Gates played basketball in college then found his niche at Tight End on the football field. Can Greig Stire make a similar transition? According to an article in the Time Union Albany Head Football Coach Greg Gattuso is excited to find out:

"I spent the last few years watching him run up and down the court,'' UAlbany football coach Greg Gattuso said. "You'd really have to be an idiot to not think he has a football-type body and mentality. It was just something he wanted to give it a shot, so we're going to see how it goes. I've seen guys do this. We're going to give him an opportunity. He had a really good first day, so we'll see how it goes."

Stire is 6 foot 7 and 255 pounds. If he can do what former basketball players have done in the past he'll be a nice big target especially in the End zone. Guys like Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin have made careers of using their size for position and catching the football at it's highest point.

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