As American Andrew Weibrecht crossed the finish line of the Super G for a silver medal last Sunday, the announcers on TV were shocked. Apparently, they weren't the only ones.

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"I was a little bit shocked myself," said Weibrecht, when he called into 104.5 The Team on Friday. "It's been one of those things that it's been such a bumpy road over the last four years that nobody really expected me to be there.

"Going into the games, I felt really good but to come out with this result was beyond my expectations."

Weibrecht won the bronze medal in the same event in 2010. The Lake Placid native compared the venues of the last two Winter Olympics.

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"It was definitely a lot different than Vancouver. It's kind of weird to take a place that doesn't have any organic attachment to the sports and just decide one day that you're going to build it all and make it work.

"There's definitely a lot that's incomplete right now. That adds to the overall weirdness to the whole experience. You're going by buildings that are superficially done but that's about it.

"I wouldn't rush to get back there but it was an interesting experience as well."

Much has been made about the condition of the tracks but Weibrecht said that had all to do with the abnormal warm temperatures in Russia.

"The preparation was really good. They did a phenomenal job getting everything ready. I can't fault them one bit about that."

Weibrecht has already left Sochi and is in Austria, preparing for his next competition. The 28 year-old has not yet celebrated his silver medal, saying that can wait until the off-season this April.

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