Over the past few months, late night television shows have looked different than ever before. Shows like The Tonight Show, The Late Show and Conan presented their shows from the respective hosts' homes this past summer. Since September many of these shows have now shifted back to filming in studio but still in front of no fans in the audience. Despite no audiences, many of the hosts' jokes still centered on topical humor and of course the 2020 presidential race.

Earlier this week, NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers was able to weave both he presidential race and a popular Upstate New York sports venue into a joke. Watkins Glen International Racetrack, home to popular NASCAR races and more appeared on the nationally aired comedy show. Watch in the below starting at the 1:00 mark as Meyers begins his setup to the joke.

Meyers said the following

Talking about Pavarotti at a Trump rally is like holding a Yo-Yo Ma night at a monster truck rally. Tonight at Watkins Glen, say goodbye to Bulldozer and cello to Yo-Yo Monster!”

Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weekdays at 12:37am locally on NBC Channel 13.

In similar fashion to other sports and entertainment venues, Watkins Glen International Race Track was allowed to reopen this summer but no fans were allowed to attend the races To learn more about 2021 races scheduled for Watkins Glen International Race Track check out their website here

Watkins Glen International Racetrack was not the only sports venue effected by COVID-19 this year. Check out the list of how sports were effected around the world from this past year below.

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