Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Michigan and Tulsa all made the NCAA Tournament. None of them except Michigan really had a legit case to make it, by my account.

Syracuse had the lowest RPI (71) of any at-large selection ever and Vanderbilt's was 61. The two teams were a combined 1-9 against the RPI Top 50 and were a combined 6-17 on the road.

On the other hand, mid-majors Monmouth, San Diego State, St. Mary's and St. Bonaventure were all excluded.

Who has the better argument? The mid-majors or the power conference schools? We brought in Fox Sports College basketball analyst Reid Forgrave for the answer.

Furthermore, we asked Forgrave for his Final Four selections as well as potential tournament darlings. Finally, which players will become famous as a result of the tournament? Who will become a household name?

LISTEN in here and see who Forgrave agrees with on the arguments - Brady, or Goz?