The 8th annual Saratoga Brewfest returns this Saturday to the Saratoga Polo Association in Greenfield Center, New York. Earlier this week Nate and MacKenzie from Got Beer joined Levack and Goz to sample two beers.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit is the unique combination of sparkling smooth Hefeweizen with grapefruit flavoring. A refreshing well-rounded taste with tangy character and hints of sweetness is pleasing to the palate. Tastes best ice cold and right from the can.  2.5% ABV


Brooklyn Summer Ale is a refreshing, flavorful pale ale made to accompany you on all your warm weather adventures. 100% British 2-row barley brings its famed bready flavors, capped off with German and American hops to provide a snappy, clean bitterness and a bright, floral aroma. It's a sunny pale ale, Brooklyn style.  5% ABV

Don't forget The Gotbeer Experience is a free area within the brew fest where members can get access to extremely rare brews, free food and cool giveaways, only available to members. You can register onsite, but if you register now, you’ll begin to reap the membership benefits when you enter through the separate, less crowded, line into Saratoga Brewfest! While you are in The Gotbeer Experience, you can enjoy a FREE Esperanto Doughboy (while supplies last) and learn how to homebrew with the guys from Artisanal Brew Works! Sign up now at

To listen to the entire interview with Nate and MacKenize from, click on the link below.



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