Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest NBA players of all-time. That much is indisputable, but it isn't enough to satisfy the sports fan's imagination. Is Kobe the greatest Laker of all-time? Is he one of the ten best NBA players in history?

My answers to those questions are no and yes. I'll take Magic Johnson as my #1 Lakers player ever, but Bryant should definitely be remembered as a top ten player in the history of the NBA. If you can be considered that and still be underrated, that sums up Kobe Bryant for me.

On Monday night, one of the greatest franchises in NBA history retired not one, but two jersey numbers for Kobe, 8 and 24. That's unprecedented stuff. So, how is he underrated?

To many fans, Bryant is like Michael Jordan, but not as good. His intensity, desire to win, ability to make the clutch shot and on-court ego are all reminders of what MJ was, but to a lesser degree. Is that nostalgia talking? No, it's fact. But what if we had never seen Michael Jordan? What if the greatest basketball player of all-time had never existed?

Chris Onorato and WGNA Morning Show host Brian Cody debate Kobe's place in history:

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